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Contrary to what you often hear, high growth products are not overnight successes.

Your competitors would love you to believe that the market is saturated, that you can't build a user base from scratch, that there's no reason to act. In short: that you can't win. Blockbuster products are often considered spontaneous, but it's the less visible designing and iterating that make it possible.These are long-term achievements.

As a user experience professional, you have the power to influence the future of companies and peoples' lives. This book will show you how to run day-to-day design operations in a way that convinces ever-increasing networks of people around the world to take action on behalf of your cause. Through real-world case studies, we'll uncover dozens of simple, and low-cost, design techniques deployed by companies of all sizes, from early-stage startups and mature scale-ups.

We'll focus on what UX designers can contribute in the collaboration between developers, product managers, and marketers in order to amplify the value customers receive from a product or service.

And in doing so, we'll embrace specific methods at the intersection of design thinking and growth hacking to identify the user interface elements that driver user acquisition.

If design is your tool and growth is your goal, this is your guide.