Before Ghana, we develop the concept via a hackathons in San Francisco that drew on the energy of over 150 people.
 Hacking the digital side of the solution with the San Francisco tech community.
 Digital platform goes live with some analogue sign posting in Kumasi, Ghana
 Curious residents discover the signs and messages start coming in.
 I conduct some user testing of the platform with residents.
 ​We call meetings with the digital platform run on a local Android phone by NGO workers
 ​A community meeting brought together using the Clean Kumasi platform.
 ​Community meetings often end in clean ups of dumping sites.
 ​Signage for the second iteration gets more graphic and asks people to flash (call and hang up), not SMS
 ​In with the new, out with the old. We post signs to re-launch Clean Kumasi 2.0.
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