Research into unemployment in the U.S. took place in Houston, LA and Cleveland (pictured here.)
 Various human-centered design research methods were used including having participants sketch how they saw the job market.
 The interim workshop with the Rockefeller Foundation is a participatory and transmedia experience. Together, the team hashes out the insights to develop further into a final deliverable for the executive board.
 The human stories from our research participants were represented in the space through pictures with each one holding a sign naming the "one thing they hoped to get from work." Participant answers like "fulfillment" and the "401k" resonated with the Rockefeller Foundation staff in the room, building empathy amongst the group for the target population.
 Filming begins...  Here I am working with an actor to interpret transcripts from interviews in the research phase. Now, I take over as producer of the final pieces.
 The first page of the final presentation puts people front and center.
 The insights of the final presentation for how to overcome America's hiring impasse to benefit the long-term unemployed.
 The final presentation on youth employment emphasizes skills and humanity over statistics and stereotypes.
 For the Rockefeller Foundation, we screened the final films and presentations in the board room.  This project was "design for decision making" that elevates human stories above all. A board decision to fund a comprehensive grant program is currently underway.
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