Collaborating with very different partners from French telco Orange to Kenya's largest bank KCB.
 Workshopping with the many partners in San Francisco
 And we go immediately in-context... I take some pictures during user research in an informal settlement in Nairobi.
 One of our partners uses paper prototypes to test ideas with user.
 We have friends teach each other our prototypes and record their conversations. Listening to someone else explain your concept is illuminating and capturing the right clip can say more to a client than hundreds of presentation slides.
 During prototyping, a user works through a task list we improvised on note cards. 
 We propose innovating beyond mobile money and mobile savings to a new service market of mobile financial planning.
 In the end, we come up with some concepts for mobile financial planning that works through USSD, SIM-card menu and feature phones that low-income Kenyans would have access to. No iPhones :)
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